A global solution with a local mindset.

The final frontier in commercial carbon emissions.

What We Do

We provide the solution to your company’s carbon emissions. 

We offer carbon storage solutions that are commercially viable and environmentally neccessary.

Our Offering

The Fynd Global Solution 

Our carbon capture and storage system is built for ease of implementation into any industry, sector or location.

Partner Transportation – CO2 is transported by ship to our offshore reception plant.

Storage & Containment – CO2 is injected for permanent storage 1000 – 2000 meters below the seabed.

Who We Are

We are carbon storage experts with experience in oil and gas, geophysics and subsurface operations.

Our goal is to offer a solution that helps companies fulfill their green responsibility in a way that is transparent, productive and cost-efficient.

Fynd.global promises lean, cost-effedtive license holder of Carbon Storage, with emphasis commerciality in all parts of the value chain.

Funded and operated by experienced technical and financial people with long Oil and Gas background – all of the expertise, and the speed of a new vehicle.

Cost efficient operation model driven by partnerships and alliances.

Ready-made portfolio and strategy for growth.


For any inquiries about the company or our services, please contact us.

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